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SHOW THE LOVE - Climate Coalition

The Climate Coalition’s SHOW THE LOVE campaign is about using our voices to protect what we love from the impacts of climate change. The time is now to use the power of green hearts to drive action on the climate crisis. By getting creative, we can ask our politicians to put aside their differences and work for a healthier, cleaner, fairer world.

Later this year, the UK is hosting the UN Climate Conference COP 26. This is the most important international summit we have ever hosted. What gets decided in Glasgow will define the world that our children inherit. COP 26 is an opportunity for the UK to lead the world into a greener future, but first we must ensure that our own recovery gets us on track to net-zero emissions and to limiting global warming to below 1.5 degrees C.

By making, wearing and displaying green hearts and by sharing a green heart with our MP, we can raise awareness and call on our politicians and the government to take urgent and ambitious action.

Contacting your MP and MS:

Each year constituents across the UK send hundreds of green hearts to their MPs. Your green heart is your personal message to your MP or MS asking them to commit to a green recovery that tackles the climate crisis. Please see below for ideas and guidance on writing to your MP/MS and a list of constituency office addresses.

The Time Is Now Declaration:

As part of Show the Love and ahead of COP 26, the Climate Coalition is encouraging people in every corner of the UK to sign The Time Is Now Declaration. The Declaration calls on the Prime Minister to lead the UK and the world towards a healthier, greener, fairer future.

Please sign the Declaration and ask your MP and MS to sign as well.

A few tips on writing to your MP/MS as part of the Climate Coalition’s Show the Love campaign

1. You must include your name and address, so that the MP/MS can see that you live in their constituency or region. (But you do not have to be registered to vote at this address– so children, overseas citizens, students registered at their term time address and those who have recently moved can all write).

2. With this campaign, it is better to write a letter rather than send an email – although a few people may like to design emails involving green hearts. MPs/MSs are inundated with emails, so most are read only by junior staff. A letter with a green heart enclosed will have much more impact on the constituency staff and therefore on the elected member.

3. A brief personal message – written on the heart or enclosed with it – is better than a long essay. For example, if you are a birdwatcher you may have noticed changes to which birds you see due to migration changes caused by climate change. Refer to this and say how much you love birds. If you are a gardener, you will be aware of the changes in flowering times and planting times for plants and vegetables. Refer to this and say how much you love gardening or growing your own food. If you are a walker, you will have seen storm damage in local woodlands, or local buildings. Climate change means more damaging storms. Refer to this and say how much you love your local area - and so on – there are as many messages as there are people who can write them. If the MP/MS wants to know more about the topics you raise, they have researchers who can look this up on the internet.

4. As several other charities use hearts to campaign in February, the heart must be green, and make clear reference to ‘The time is now to protect what we love from the climate crisis’.

5. Please ask your MP/MS to sign the Climate Coalition The Time Is Now Declaration - Please also sign it yourself.

6. If you know that your MP/MS is already active on environmental issues, please thank them – everyone likes to be appreciated! Likewise if you wish to thank them for other work they are doing – but try not to distract from the message of this campaign. The campaign is primarily about what we love and are concerned about.

7. You don’t have to refer to your church membership, but if you are willing to do so it will show the depth of commitment from the Christian community.

Constituency office addresses of Members of Parliament and Members of the Senedd covering Cardiff and Penarth.

All the constituency MPs and MSs are Labour. Regional MSs represent other parties – see below.

Members of Parliament

Cardiff North Anna
McMorrin MP, 2 Codas House, 52-60 Merthyr Rd, Whitchurch, Cardiff CF14 1DJ

Cardiff West
Kevin Brennan MP, 395 Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff CF5 1JG

Cardiff South & Penarth
Stephen Doughty MP, Regus House, Falcon Drive, Cardiff Bay CF10 4RU

Cardiff Central
Jo Stevens MP, 116 Albany Road, Roath, Cardiff CF24 3RU

Members of the Senedd

You should write to the constituency member for the constituency where you live. You may also write to any (or all) of the four Regional members for South Wales Central. Note that some MSs use the Welsh Parliament as their only office.

Constituency members

Cardiff North
Julie Morgan MS, 17 Plasnewydd, Whitchurch, Cardiff CF14 1NR

Cardiff South & Penarth
Vaughan Gething MS, Welsh Parliament, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff CF99 1SN

Cardiff Central
Jenny Rathbone MS, 165 Albany Road, Cardiff CF24 3NT

Cardiff West
Mark Drakeford MS, 395 Cowbridge Road East, Canton, Cardiff, CF5 1JG

Regional members of the Senedd for South Wales Central

Gareth Bennett MS (Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party) Welsh Parliament, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff CF99 1SN

Andrew RT Davies MS (Conservative) Welsh Parliament, Cardiff Bay, CardiffCF99 1SN

Neil McEvoy MS (Propel) 321 Cowbridge Road East, Canton, CardiffCF5 1JD

David Melding MS (Conservative) Office 2, 20 Pantbach Road, Birchgrove, Cardiff CF14 1UA


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