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Street Art - Shop Windows

This exhibition uses the frames to give us a window into some of our local shops.
The shops were asked to contribute an item or story that revealed something about them.
Here is a window into some of them.



Gail and Vivian have built up 30 years experience in contemporary furnishing during their career with Maskrays and continue to off the first class service at HAUS.

We specialise in Blinds made to measure, Conservatory blinds, Awnings, Plantation shutters, Solutions for bay and shaped windors, Motorised blinds and tracks, Curtains made to measure.

The Olive Branch

We are the Olive Branch, come and sit down
If you want good coffee don’t go to town
We’ve been in the village more than 30 years
So to all who come in we welcome you, cheers

We serve many drinks, breakfasts and lunch
Afternoon tea is lovely to munch
Hot chocs, coke floats, ice cream milkshakes
Sponge, drizzle, squares, a whole range of cakes.

Rayboulds Butchers

Rayboulds is the oldest shop in the village, the only one the same after at least 70 years. The current owner has been here 20 years, still working in the traditional way.

He says “I came for a job and have taken over”.

Kingman Opticians

In 2005 when I qualified I sent out letters using mailmerge……something my Mum had helped me do previously when seeking pre-reg positions. My letter was taken note of, and after meeting for all of five minutes, I was employed in my first job, and became a business partner a year later. My husband joined me in the business in 2011.

A set of circumstances led to us working here, influenced by my lovely Mum…………
I don’t feel like I chose Rhiwbina,
I felt like it chose me.

The Art Workshop

Founded in December 2012, the Art Workshop provides lessons in Fine Art to people of all ages. Classes are held in the Workshop’s period studio in Lon Fach, with its original wooden rafters and south-facing paned windows, in the lane leading to Rhiwbina’s Wendy House and Garden Village. Here a small team of qualified tutors teach painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, Art History and more. They focus on providing the foundations of Art practice and creative thinking. The Workshop’s ethos is that Art education should be available to everyone; most of us are capable of artistic expression, regardless of background, experience, age or the self-defeating notion of “talent”. It’s amazing how “talented” people become if they start learning and keep working. Making Art has wide-ranging benefits: reducing stress, increasing concentration and observational skills and improving brain function, it’s also a sociable, supportive, fun activity. As Sandy, a student of oil painting, said: “Coming to classes is my refuge from the everyday.” And Dan, who attends the children’s After School Art Academy, calls the Workshop his “Happy Place”.

Calon Rhiwbeina

A couple of years ago I was asked to help on the second hand book stall by my friend Glenda at the Rhiwbina Summer Festival.

I really enjoyed finding books for the many customers that we had that lovely sunny Saturday.

It was fun persuading them that they needed 5 books for £1 rather than just the one for 20p (that’s one for the mathematicians).

The idea for a career change started to germinate that day and has now blossomed into my own shop selling clothes rather than books.


The Flower Lodge

Beulah Dress Agency


Victoria Fearn Gallery



Ginger Whites

After spending the previous few years raising a family, while sitting in Snails Deli one Monday morning having a well earned coffee, Clare and I noticed that the 'To Let' sign was up over no.10 Beulah Road.

After a bit of umming and aghhing, we thought - yeah, Rhiwbina's a cool place to start another new business from!
With a lot of grunt, sweat and tears & plenty of encouragement from all our lovely neighbours, Ginger Whites opened it's doors in September 2013 and the rest they say...... Jason & Clare

The Whittaker Lounge

The Whittaker Lounge is found at the rear of Beulah Church serving light refreshments and Fairly Traded and home-made cakes and produce. It was opened to create a warm and friendly meeting place in the Village.

The horse shoe reminds us that Beulah first began as a church in a stables. People came together to worship using a Blacksmith's stables in the midst of the farm land round about.
Very appropriate for a church to start in a stable, like Jesus. For a church, wanting to care about the environment, it's also significant to think we began in the midst of the farms and the horses and the black smith's fire.

Hannah Emily Bridal

I've always loved fashion and weddings, even as a little girl, I studied fashion and design in college and university, and dreamt of owning my own wedding dress boutique for brides who love something stylish and fashion forward, at the time thinking it would probably only ever be a pipeline dream.
After struggling to find my own dress in Cardiff I felt as though Cardiff did in fact need such a boutique for brides like me and the vision then truly began! Consequently after much encouragement and support from my husband and family our boutique Hannah Emily Bridal opened in October 2012 and it's everything I envisioned. It's been such a blessing working with such beautiful brides to be everyday.
I chose the piece of blue lace to represent us as it was one of the first laces I ever bought myself, the floral background because we do love a bit of floral, we even have a floral dress in our own wedding dress collection!

Muddy Bum Bikes

New beginnings. Local brothers, Sam and Ben acquired the Muddybumsbikes shop in Autumn 2010. Like any new venture the first years were tricky and the small shop space limited what we could achieve.
In Spring 2012, we moved to new premises on Heol y Deri. The move allowed us to increase the variety of brands we could stock.
By 2015 we had out-grown the initial shop layout, and over a couple of weekends we redesigned the shop, increasing the workshop space and improving the layout of the bikes on sale.

The future of cycling in the UK is set to grow further and we are embracing this. We have a new website coming online in July, and now run evening classes in cycle maintenance, as well as offering bikes to suit all pockets and riding styles.


The Snail is the internationally recognised symbol of the Slow Food Movement, established in 1986 in Italy, as a protect against the siting of a McDonalds fast-food outlet opposite the Spanish Steps in Rome.

Snails are also considered a delicacy in France and many other countries around the world including Vietnam and the Philippines.

We chose the names as it was short and memorable, and our daughter’s (Poppi) favourite animal.


Paul and Mags own Serenade as a result of Margaret’s love of teddies. Paul was in the shop previously known as Cascades buying the latest Beanie Baby Teddy and happened to say that “We would love a shop like this”. The previous owner’s reply was that the shop was in fact for sale, that evening there was a lengthy discussion and the rest is history. We decided to buy the business and on 22 June 2001 we took over business and changed its name to Serenade.

When we took over this print was for sale by the previous owners and still remains with us today, there been several attempts to give it away, it gets lost in the store room sometimes for years, only to reappear again and again and again. It has now been donated to exhibit and has gone to a good home never to return to Serenade.


In 1943 ten friends (Ten-of-us) made their very first charitable purchase for their friend who was poorly in hospital. They clubbed together and bought him a radio. Little did anyone know that 72 years on Tenovus are still doing exactly the same.

Over the years, the concept evolved into tending for those with cancer and for family and friends of those affected by the illness. There are thousands of individuals who want to be just as the original ten men were, they want to make a difference to someone who is poorly.

Our shops very much represent the ten original men and we give individuals the opportunity to become part of a wider team who ‘club’ together to make an incredible difference to those who need it.

Our customers, whether buying or donating and in most cases, doing both, come first and foremost to Tenovus. Our community grows daily and without the wonderful people of Rhiwbina, Welsh cancer patients would not have the counselling, the treatment, the care and general support that the community have ‘clubbed together’ to pay for.

Dandelion and Burdock Remedies

Setting up ‘Dandelion & Burdock Remedies & Therapies’ has been in my mind for 10 years, but the time has never been quite right to turn my dreams into plans.

I worked for Neal’s Yard, probably the most recognised natural health brand in the world, It’s corporate vision was to bring a holistic approach to health and beauty and from its early days in Covent Garden in the 1980s it is now available worldwide. I want to follow their lead and I have selected products from ethical suppliers who are environmentally responsible endorsed by the Soil Association. They all hand-produce the highest quality organic and natural skin care. Our skin is the largest organ in the body and it is important to consider what we put on it.

In addition to the wellbeing and beauty products I stock in the shop, I work as a therapist. I have worked as a reflexologist for the last 10 years and specialise in fertility and pregnancy. It has been such a joy to work with women to realise their maternal wishes. I am deeply committed to natural therapies and trained as a homoeopath at the Welsh School of Homoeopathy in Carmarthen. I am delighted with the interest in my shop and thank you for all your kind comments about its presentation inside and out.


The Garden Place

Established in 2000 and family run from 2008. We purchased the business just before Christmas in 2008; the shop was then trading under the name of "That Garden Place". We are a family run business father and son-in-law Chris and Mark. From our centre in Beulah road we trade under the names of "New Roots Garden Supplies" and "Rhiwbina Sheds and Fencing". It's a small shop selling garden supplies and a range of plants, bedding, fruit trees, baskets etc.
From the first day Mark has continued supplying Rhiwbina and outlying areas with fencing, decking, sheds, summer house, play houses, gates, pergolas, & trellis under the name of "Rhiwbina Sheds and Fencing".
During the time of our ownership we have endeavoured to form close links with both the community and fellow traders within the village so the benefits of our business can be utilised by all.

Wine Store at No4

Established by three friends who share a passion for real wine.

We specialise in small family-owned domains and chateaux from Europe and beyond, many which are organic and/or biodynamic.

Drink less– drink better!

The installation team !


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